Ground Bus Bar Kit

Volda is a specialist manufacturer and leading supplier with abundant experience of over 12 years in telecom market.

We specialize in fabricating and Supplying a wide range of telecom materials which are high on worth And quality and higher degree of service potential.

Back in 2005, we began the telecom Firm with Feeder Cable Clamps and Grounding Kits only. After years Of countless attempts, we’ve set two plant regions using 7000sqm and 58 Knowledgeable employees in designing, production and packaging of Telecommunications website substances.


Ground Bus Bar Kit

With years of producing and expertise in telecom sector, we now Create a complete line of coax support fittings and weatherproofing, Such as RF Feeder Cables, RF Connectors & Jumpers, Feeder Clamps & Hangers, Grounding Kits, Cable Entry Plates & Boot Cushions, Pulling Grips, Crossover Plates, Pipe to Pipe Clamps, Rubber Grommets. Our goods have passed rigorous tests from labs and attained favorable Comments from long-term technical projects. Depending on the benefits Stated previously, our products are chosen and utilized by the two operators And distributors around the world, covering North America, Europe, Middle East. And We’ll add more products in our leaflet to support You better.


We’re dedicated to improving telecom Operator programs through the use of innovation, quality, value and Unparalleled support. Reliable wireless websites do not occur by accident. They need great design, careful Choice of products and Higher quality installation.

Relying on VOLDA to find the Ideal products and alternatives.

• 12 years understanding in telecom sector

• 1000+ products to Satisfy your demand

• Professional staff work

• Knowledgeable custom & manufacturing designing

• Estimates and information sheets in One Day

• Custom BOM at 48 hours